Tennis Competition

TCS Competition Program for Kids

Objectives : Develop physical abilities, technical and tactical skills of our players.


This program is dedicated to TCS Tennis School players participating in Interclubs. The admission requirements are as follows: 

- Have your TCS license or make a transfer of your license.

- Have participated in previous years to the Interclubs


Player’s Duties

- Follow the program diligently (2- 3hrs of tennis lesson per week)

- Active participation in the Interclubs 

- Take part in at least one of the Tennis camp/clinics organized by the TCS

- Play at least 3 individual tournaments(tournament fees reimbursed by TCS)


Selection Process

The Coaches are  responsible for this program. They identify the eligible players and propose them to the Committee for approval. Then the selected players are offered to join the competition program.


Structure of the Program

- Program runs during the period from 15/09- to 15/07; excluded the school holidays in the Luxembourg calendar 

- Consists of 1h-1h30 or 2h training sessions, depending on the age category   

- Limited Group of players.


Training Schedule

Schedule has been communicated to elligible people.

If you are not a member and want to join the kids competition training please contact Margaux Jacquet or Simone Muresu