Indoor availabilities

Our inside courts ( artificial carpets) are available for annual rent  from 1st October till 30th  September.

This annual offer is valid only  in the morning between 7 and 12pm during the week or from 7 to 9am during the week ends.
For availabilities, please contact us.
On weekends as there is a high demand, the available courts will only be rented by the hour via our online booking system.

Individual annual Fees (applicable as from 1/10/2019)
From Monday to Sunday
07:00 - 08:00
250 Eur
From Monday to Friday
08:00- 12:00
380 Eur
From Monday to Friday
22:00 - 23:00
250 Eur
Week end
08:00- 09:00
380 Eur
If you wish to rent a court during the year ( after the 1st October), the price will be adjusted on the basis of a quarterly prorata.