TCS Junior OPEN 2017

Tournement Calendar

National "teams" Competitions. (Interclub, Coupe F.L.T.)

On request from the team captains and in consultation (for the juniors teams) with the head coach, the club inscribes the teams in various age categories taking into account the level and availability of the players as well as the capacity constrains of our site.

Individual Competitions

The competition players, on their own initiative, are encouraged to play individual competition to develop their skills and upgrade their rankings.

You will find here below the link for National Tournaments as well as for tournaments in the “Grande Region”.

Please note that a national license from the country in which you plan to play is required.  


-National Tournaments in Luxembourg

-National Tournaments in Lorraine (France)

-National Tournaments in Namur-Luxembourg (Belgique)


Tennis Club Senningerberg "Junior Open 2017" -

Boys U12, U14, U18 and Girls U18.

(From September 8th to 17th)