Recent events

1. févr., 2018
Interclubs Diner 2018
All the participants to the Interclubs 2017 & 2018 are invited at The Brasserie to celebrate the opening of the season
2. déc., 2017
Saint Nicolas Event
Book the date. Saint Nicolas will come to visit the Mini tennis Kids on Saturday Dec 2th.
15. sept., 2017
Tennis School season opening
26. janv., 2018
TC Senningerberg Junior Open 2017
From 09 September to Saturday 15 September "T.C. Senningerberg Junior Open 2017" for boys U12, U14, U18.
15. juil., 2017
Tennis School season opening
29. oct., 2016
Indoor tournament
This tournament will take place on Saturday 29 October and 5 November 2016. If you want to participate, don´t hesitate to contact us.
21. oct., 2016
We are testing a new on-line booking system to offer to our members (and guests) the possibility to book a court on an hourly basis. For yearly booking, please contact the club as usual.
17. oct., 2016
Mini Tennis season opening
16. sept., 2016
TC Senningerberg Junior Open 2016
From 16 September to Saturday 24 September "T.C. Senningerberg Junior Open 2016" for boys U12, U14, U18 and girls U18.
15. sept., 2016
Tennis School season opening
18. juil., 2016
Mini Tennis Camp B (18 to 22 July)
16. juil., 2016
The members of the club organized a one-day outdoor tournament in singles which will took place on Saturday 16 July 2016. Please click the titre for the pictures.
11. juil., 2016
Mini Tennis Camp A (11 to 15 July)
3. juil., 2016
Tennis School season closing
4. juin, 2016
Nuit des Sports (Starting at 18:30h near the Niederanven school).
27. mai, 2016
Soirée de voisins: (Doubles-mixed) jeunes veterans
25. mai, 2016
Cliquez sur le titre pour voir le photo album "Senior Venterans 2016"
9. mai, 2016
Trial - Enlargement of the "Zone Sport"
In the court case which opposes the TC Senningerberg to the Ministry of the Environment, the pleadings have been exposed to the "Tribunal Administratif".
26. mars, 2016
Junior teams preparation for the Interclub
We have uploaded to our website the pictures of our Easter Camp 2016.
Regardez aussi les photos albums "Easter Camp 2015" et "Easter Camp 2014"
18. mars, 2016
General Assembly March 18th
Book the date, our next general assembly will take place on March 18th. Details to follow.
28. nov., 2014
Tennis Club Senningerberg was well represented among the young people. Our U14 Girls, U18 Girls and U18 Boys were rewarded for their performance during the Interclubs Championship 2014. To see pictures click the link above
6. déc., 2014
Book the date. Saint Nicolas will come to visit the Mini tennis Kids on Saturday Dec 6th.
8. oct., 2014
Interclub Closing 2014 - Oct 22nd
Interclub players, book the date. Invitation coming soon for our get together Interclub closing evening.
25. juin, 2014
Summer holidays are almost there. Do not forget to register your children for next year (Mini tennis and Tennis School) even if they are already in this year.
Deadline for registration is July 19th.
Tennis Club Senningerberg wish you a nice summer holiday and see you September 15th.
28. nov., 2014
Mini Tennis School enjoyed a full day of fun to celebrate the end of the Mini Tennis 2013/2014 season. Click link above to see picture of the day.
24. janv., 2014
Saint Nicolas came to visit Mini Tennis Kids on Dec 7th
24. janv., 2014
Both our U14 Boys and Men Jeune Veteran were rewarded for their performance during the Interclubs Championship 2013. See the pictures.
16. mai, 2013
Mini Tennis and Tennis School Season's Closing
2 months left until the last training session.
Tennis School season will end on Friday 12 of July this year.
Mini Tennis season will end on Saturday 13 of July this year.
Let's review and Celebrate the progresses of our children.
Book your date and click on the headline to get further details.

What's going on at TC Senningerberg?

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News and events to come

31. août, 2018
Junior open TCS 2018
Pour la quatrième année consécutive le TCS organise son tournoi de rentrée du 31 aout au 09 septembre 2018
14. mai, 2018
Tournament Kinder + sport
For the 1st time the TCS will host the Tournament Kinder + sport from 14th to 27th May.